What Is Reiki



imageReiki is a international healing art that originated in Japan in the last century. This healing technique works for stress & also promotes a wonderful feeling of being very relaxed. Reiki is done by using one's hands to promote healing and relaxation.

These techniques are easy to learn. This wonderful healing technique can be used to help heal yourself as well as others. Reiki promotes healing in a gentle non invasive fashion.It is a very simple and powerful healing art that can be learned easily by anyone.

Reiki means universal and life energy. How does Reiki work? When the person receives Reiki the Rei or light energy that we all have flows through the Reiki Practitioner and back through the client or patient. Reiki is connecting to the universal healing light so both receive energy. Reiki is a channeled healing. Reiki is different from other healing arts in the sense that the Reiki Master or practitioner doing Reiki has received an attunement. 

Reiki is a universal healing technique that is relaxing, and promotes healing and also helps with stress. Reiki is powerful on its own and also is being used in conjunction with western medicine to help with all kinds of ailments and health conditions,  Beautiful yet simple vibrational healing is best felt.Try a treatment or better yet become a certified Reiki Practitioner.
Classes are taught all year long, also ask about our private classes, if you have scheduling challenges. Reiki is being done in clinics,wellness centers and hospitals all over the world. Once you learn Reiki you will have it your whole life. Reiki is wonderful. You can improve your life and others through this powerful & healing art.
Elizabeth Anderson, Reiki teacher has traveled throughout most of South East Asia, Cambodia, Bhuton, Thailand, Vietnnam, Laos, exploring the culture, Asian meditation and healing.The objective of this travel was to explore the rich heritage and ancient spirituality.  She has spent time in Japan, where Reiki originated and brings her insight from these beautiful places into each class she teaches and every session she provides. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui lineage. Elizabeth Anderson has a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy, she is a hypnotherapist and a teacher of hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Time Line Therapy (TM) and Applied Hypnotherapy and is a mind & body integrative therapist. All classes are a woven blend of traditional Reiki and provide additional insight into the heritage and deep meaning that Reiki brings to each of us that practice and give Reiki.

Wishing you light & joy.

Reiki Light and Joy.