imageIn our world today we must find new ways of dealing with the stress and pressure from the outside distractions while contributing to our careers, family and trying to find ways to take care of ourself. How do you priortize your time and energy in today's world? What are your values? Are you doing what is important to you? Do you have a passion for life and all the wonderful experiences possible? If you have the answers to these questions....enjoy your journey, if you are still trying to sort out what is the meaning of your life, take a deep breath and pause the moment. The answers will come to you if you listen to your essence and pay attention to the signs around you. In these changing times we can have balance, peace and clarity if we look within. Take the time to discover what you want and need in your life to be really happy and filled with joy and peace. 

I work with individuals, couples, children and also do family therapy. Sometimes additional insight can provide clarity and a way to have your life reflected back through talk therapy using an integrative

approach. I welcome your call to discuss your personal needs and objectives.

Elizabeth Anderson, MA, LMFT, Teacher image& Therapist, Co-Founder of A & C Wellness & Healing